Paperback Novels


During the 1950s and early 1960s, at the same time he was writing award-wining short fiction, Cassill authored fifteen paperback novels, some of which have become cult classics.  In reviewing these titles, Anthony Boucher of the New York Times wrote that "Cassill can combine paperback storytelling at its strongest with subtle literary quality."



 Dormitory Women  (1953) 




The Left Bank of Desire  (1955)  (with Eric Protter)




A Taste of Sin  (1955)





The Hungering Shame  (1956)





The Wound of Love  (1956)





An Affair to Remember  (1957)  (as Owen Aherne)






Naked Morning  (1957)





Man on Fire  (1957)  (as Owen Aherne)





The Buccaneer  (1958)






Lustful Summer  (1958)





Tempest  (1959)





The Wife Next Door  (1960)





My Sister's Keeper  (1961)





Night School  (1961)




  Nurses' Quarters  (1962)